Thursday, November 01, 2007

A journey

Maybe I couldn’t do it differently. Have you thought about that? Has it crossed your mind at any moment, even if just for a fraction of time? I’m not saying I didn’t love you. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t enough, apparently, and for that I am truly sorry. But what’s love anyway, if not a way to completely fuck up what’s left of your brain? I always needed new beginnings, and love tends to stick to your skin for long periods. It’s nobody’s fault. The point is that we’re all different from one another.

I had really enchanting moments. Without seeing enough I’ve seen it all. I know how it works – the world has no mysteries anymore. I’ve seen this earth and how it goes. And what I’ve seen is of such great beauty that I’m coming to the point of not being able to take anymore of that drug. What good is beauty if one cannot reach it and feel its warmth? To be aware is not sufficient anymore. I need much more! I need to forget, and so here I am trying my luck, thinking what I shouldn’t think, doing what I shouldn't do. Here we go! And from now on nothing will be the same.

(Photograph: alteration on picture in Spain, April 2007 / Text: Lisbon, Portugal, November 1st, 2007)

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Anonymous said...

Apenas para te enviar beijinhos.


Celso Rosa said...

Que é feito de ti?

Ana said...

Os nossos caminhos fazem-nos voar mais longe...
Há uns meses atrás era eu quem vivia em Lisboa.

Miss you too, my dear friend.