Friday, November 23, 2007

Silly little things

Yet… it rains, but in rainfall I sense your half lunatic eyes setting fire to my body from just across the street… 1, 2, 3 ignition! I run fast through the crowd, bumping into every person who happens to be in my way… slipping and falling in the street pavement floating in dirty cold water. And I shout! I cry out loud your name, looking at every direction amongst the crowd, until I sense that burning in my skin again. Until the Demon takes hold of me once more! I turn my head and there you are again, wearing that red skirt, in the black and white world of my imagination! And there I go again running in pursuit, crying out loud your name, slipping, falling, and bumping into strange inhabitants of a lonely, lonely planet… A policeman holds my arm, and makes a gesture to hit me, but I get rid of my coat, struggling to run after you. Then I loose you from sight again, and while I wait with my eyes closed for the Demon to show me the way, I get rid of my shoes… And then, suddenly, it happens again. It’s unleashed once more! My skin burns, my eyes get filled with blood, my tongue aches, and my legs beg me to run… 3, 2, 1 and I run! I run to you, just as if we were the only survivors of a deadly species. And as I run I shout your name in the rain, as I run I don’t care about anyone anymore, as I run I don’t fell the bruises on my feet, as I run all I want is to catch you, as I run all I see is you and what remains of colour in this dark world! I need to get you, throw you to the ground, and make love with you right there in the street before we part again… for my past, my future, everything’s behind me now. I just need to try and tell silly things to you, my Demon.

(Photography: chromatic alteration, 2007 / Text: Lisbon, November 23rd, 2007)

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Anonymous said...

Just surfing.. looking for Quiculungo.
Passei por la, conheci a vila de Quiculungo. Um lugar muito bonito, uma serra acima, verde da mata por todos os lados. Havia um rio nao muito longe. Um dia pensei em pescar nesse rio. Depois indo para o norte mais uns 10 Km ficava Quiboto, Bolongongo.Tambem conheci Banga, Cariamba, Samba-Caju. Ainda hoje, depois de 32 anos lembro-me desses lugares, ainda sonho com essa terra do cafe. Penso regressar um dia para abracar uma vez mais a gente que la deixei e que sempre estimei. Sempre me chamavam mona cabo-chefe. Quando chegara' esse dia! Obrigado por este blog, troxe-me um pouco perto Quiculungo.