Sunday, April 22, 2007

New beginnings.

Life took me so far…

I’ve traveled only to escape my demons, dreamed only to make things easier, but nothing changed anyway. I tried, but failed. There were moments when I missed your tender touch and your hellos! But it doesn’t hurt me anymore, you know? Nothing does, not anymore. I’ve had just about all I could have and yet here I am with my packs done, my eyes already in the distance, ready to leave once more. It’s better that way.

How far…

I still remember when I was just a young boy looking at my parents and wondering. Wondering if I would ever be something like them, if I would ever get to marry too, if I too would ever get to be a father and how my kids would be. I wondered how my own house would look like, and begun drawing it in pieces of paper... I still remember all that although it's all gone. I don't even have a home. But hey, it doesn’t hurt me anymore! I no longer care. Do you believe me? Well, maybe it hurts a little, sometimes…

Just don't say hello to me only when you see me in the city. You know I'll always be around.

(Photography: Ercolano, Italy, February 2006 / Text: Porto, Portugal, April 22nd, 2007)

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Anonymous said...

por aqui, pelo menos, estás sempre "around".