Saturday, November 08, 2008

Love scene

For many, many years, we’ve been around. Many times we got together in different places in this world without planning it. And when that happened we had coffee, we had lunch, we had dinner and we made love. The decision of leaving home was shared, and both of us closed all windows, locked all doors, picked up our luggage and just went away in different directions. When you went south I went north, when I went east you went west. Always with a smile in our eyes, always remembering…

He came out from the sea that night and I was waiting in the wind with some towel to clean him up.

From time to time I called home. Although no one was there to answer the phone it felt good knowing that, in that dark room, far away, the familiar sound of the phone could be heard. My heart felt appeased.

He came down from the mountains that morning and I was there in the snow with a coat to keep him warm.

It was a long journey the one we’ve made. We weren’t running from anything. We weren’t tired of each other. There was nothing more precious in this world. We just wanted to meet unexpectedly in strange lands, have exquisite meals, feel our hearts beating hard at the sight of each other in Rome, Johannesburg, Calcutta, Macao… We loved so much the fact of being alive. I loved you so much that I’ve desired to keep falling in love with you, in strange lands, with strange colours, in the sun or under rain, at night, during day, in all four seasons, in all continents. And whenever I saw you there it was! There it was! I knew why I was here in this world: to ask you whom you were, to invite you to do something, to see you smiling and embracing me once more with laughter. To fall in love with you…

He came out from the train that evening and there I was to help him with the luggage and take him home, where we’ll always belong.

(Photography: Tomar, Portugal, November 1st, 2008 / Text: Tomar, Portugal, November 5th, 2008)

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Natacha said...

Continuo a passar.
Não deixes nunca de escrever, que o fazes tão bem!