Friday, March 02, 2007

At the end of it all

Each time I went away the world collapsed and came together all the same! And yet I loved you, as I went about the ruins in my way, even the one's I helped creating. Things were not easy, despite of what people used to think. Conditions sometimes were harsh, but still you made everything worthwhile with that smile of yours, with that way you had of reaching me as if urging me to touch you, as if I was the most precious element on earth. Here you have me, you used to wisper in my ear. Now I think of it I have to admit that at the end of it all this world is not so bad! Even if everything fails I’ll still can fool myself and dream of getting you back... or at least keep close the memory of those warm days I have held you in my arms for some moments, when you approached me from behind and caressed my bruised lonely soul with your tender sweet touch. Yes I'm still here! Yes I'm waiting still! But I just don't know anymore where to go, or what I'm waiting for. The only thing left for me to do now is remember, I think, because right at the end of it all we had each other and nothing, never, can take that away...

(Photography: Luanda, Angola, February 11th 2007 / Text: Coimbra, Portugal, March 2nd 2007)
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