Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Too many sleepless nights, too many nightmares and whiskey on deserted pubs / Too many stories told by fireplaces and sheets of paper filled with beautiful hollow thoughts / Too many advices I’ve never followed / Too many light and far too many darkness / Too many women pretending to like me / Sex made with too many people for whom I didn’t really give a fuck / Too many happiness for one person and also too many pain / Too many music taken on dance floors on huge amounts / Too many purposeless conversations / Too many time wasted on insignificant things, and many more wasted on more significant ones / Too many hours spent turning the living-room lights on and off for no reason / Too many drugs diluted in my blood stream / Too many kisses / Too many shaking hands with strangers / Too many shit / Too many diseases taking me to the hospital as a child / Too many pills / Too many travels through strange and far away lands / Too many languages spoken / Too many luggage lost in airports and books left on coffee tables / Too many signs sent to people around me / Too many emotion, too little motion / Too many years spent in college just to shatter completely the person that I was / Too many expectations / Too many wishes made with shooting stars crossing the night of my eyes / Too many of those wishes that never came true / Too many silences when I wasn't alone and too many confusion when I was / Too many pictures taken of places I’ll never return to / Too many parties I never was invited to, and many more I was requested to attain / Too many time trying to think or say something that really made some sense / Too many years trying not to be a clown but acting just like one / Too many precautions with my appearance / Too many Martinis / All this I had, and many more, and for too many time now I’m sure that I’ve always lived my life in the excess of everything / Which road should I follow from here? / Because I simply can’t stop now!

(Photography: London, England, November 2003 / Text: Coimbra, Portugal, June 14th, 2006)

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Ana said...

Muito bom este texto, Celso.

Fica-me a frase de "O que é demais, é sempre demais." Mas na realidade não existe uma proporção certa para cada uma destas coisas, pois não?
No que diz respeito a emoções, sensações vividas existe sempre uma barreira muito ténue entre o demais, o certo ou insuficiente.
Creio que a melhor coisa é continuarmos a viver cada experiência como só ela é. E mesmo que muitas coisas, por vezes, fiquem presas em breves momentos. Eles valem pelo que são, pelo que foram e só por isso já merecem um sorriso.
Um abraço, és uma pessoa fabulosa.